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UX Design
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For my personal development, for staying up-to-date, and simply out of passion, I occasionally work on such private projects. Without time pressure and everything to my taste.

I love collecting perfumes and spend a significant amount of time on Parfumo, one of the largest perfume communities in the world. So, because of that and because I saw a lot of room for improvement in terms of UX and UI, I got inspired to create a competing product with a different, more user-friendly and organized functionality, and a new modern and clean design. Here is a short summary of the exciting but also nerve-wracking couple of months.

So what did the target audience say?

The main thing is that I can see the reviews, ratings and scent notes of the perfumes ☝️
The structure is confusing and important elements are often collapsed
It's a shame there's no proper mobile version or app 🙁
To be honest, I think the design is outdated and unappealing
What are they talking about? Why can you only see the last 6 chat messages?
Everything is kind of confusing, unnecessary functions make everything cluttered 🤨
For me the marketplace is really important!
Obviously I want to communicate with other members
I use the collection and wishlist features the most
The first thing I want to see are the news and activities

At the point of structuring content and wireframing, I realized that I was a bit over my head and that the community concept is quite complex. But we love a good challenge!

UI Design

Click on the designs to view the full layouts.

A modern, clean and clearly structured app brings the community with all its functions to your smartphone.

Everything was built with a styleguide, responsive auto layouts and nested components.