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I’m Dennis, UX/UI Designer from Berlin.

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For over a decade, I've poured my passion and attention to detail into crafting digital products. As a UX/UI designer, I've collaborated with both emerging startups and established industry leaders across diverse sectors. Throughout my career, my ultimate aim has been to deliver products that seamlessly blend user-friendliness, contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

UX Design - psychology stuff

A range of usability methods lay the foundation for a user-friendly product. These tools help build the skeleton of your product, providing a clear blueprint for its essential features and ensuring that its design is intuitive, logical and easy to comprehend.

UI Design - pushing pixels

Creating a beautiful and modern interface is my favorite part! But it's not just about looks. By developing a solid design system, I ensure that every aspect of your product is built in a scalable and repeatable way. That means we can work faster and smarter.

Webflow - no coding needed

If it doesn’t have to be the next Facebook, I can build your website using Webflow, which means you won't need a developer. You will get a fully functional and easily customizable product that's ready to go, straight from the designer's desk!

Some of the clients I've had the opportunity to work with

A picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll let my work speak for itself. Here is a small selection of my own “just for fun” projects. Client projects upon request.

portfolio design scentplace perfume community
UX/UI Design
Design System
portfolio mercedes webflow project
UI Design

And finally some
U I design only projects:

portfolio design new york app
portfolio design fitness app
portfolio design travel booking
portfolio design travel booking
portfolio design rayban shop
portfolio design highsnobiety online magazine
portfolio design mercedes app
portfolio design office sharing app
portfolio design nespresso shop
portfolio design farfetch shop
portfolio design candle shop
portfolio design yellowww